The XPOSER Print

The XPOSER Print

Xpozer Prints are razor sharp, bright in color and scratch and wear resistant. They are anti-glare, so you can enjoy your photo even in direct sunlight. They can even withstand moisture. You can also just clean it with a damp cloth. The Xpozer Frame is super easy to click into place. You can use your Frame again and again with your latest Prints. This way you can swap all your most beautiful images so they all get a place on the wall.

The XPOZER Print advantages:

  • Light weight and ready-to-hang
  • Razor sharp
  • UV resistance
  • Anti-glare
  • XPOZER frame is reuseable

*Each Image is carefully created to ensure the most accurate color and contrast display. The brightness, color saturation, and contrast of each Fine Art Image may very due the clients screen settings.

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