Art METAL Print

Art METAL Print

With Art Metal Prints, your artwork is first printed on a high-resolution transfer medium. It is then placed in careful registration against a coated aluminum sheet scientifically engineered for maximum image performance and longevity. Using precisely determined temperatures, calibrated machine speeds and our renowned attention to detail, your image along with the aluminum receiver are heated – swelling the special coating while evaporating the inks. The thirsty coating absorbs the printing dyes and hardens as it cools – locking your image into the protective barrier. Art Metal Prints are available in a variety sizes from 16″ x 24″ up to ″40 x60 ″.

Art Metal Print advantages:

  • Durable metal print surface provides scratch, fade, water and heat resistance
  • Light weight and ready-to-hang
  • Long-lasting archival quality, when displayed in doors.
  • Easy to clean with a cloth and water

*Each Image is carefully created to ensure the most accurate color and contrast display. The brightness, color saturation, and contrast of each Fine Art Image may very due the clients screen settings.

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