Choosing the correct size and orientation

Choosing the right print size for your art wall is important in order to create an elegant décor. Too small, and the fine art may lose its purpose in the room. Too big, and it may be overpowering.

So how do you decide which print size to order?

BUDGET - You may be restricted in getting the right print size by your personal artwork budget. Therefore, be sure to know what it will cost you to have the final masterpiece produced and delivered to your door.

WALL SIZE AND FEATURES - Room set-up/type will influence the print size choice. The size of the furniture, the size of the walls, the presence or absence of other art, will all affect the final choice. Consider things like electrical outlets, light switches, thermostats, air-vents, etc. can sometimes get in the way of wall art.

The right print size will be influenced by the furniture in the room. In my option when the print’s width is similar to that of the furniture it works the best. It is possible to go slightly above or below but not by much.

Sofa/Bed/Long Fireplace: I recommend a PORTRAIT or Orientation with a width somewhere between 50-80% of the bed or sofa’s width

Vertical Wall/Tall Fireplace/ Entry Table: I recommend a LANDSCAPE Orientation. Typically an image size with a width between 40%-70% of the wall width, entry table width or the fireplace width.

FOCAL or ENHANCEMENT - If your goal is décor enhancement a smaller print size should work well. However, if your goal is to create a powerful focal point in the room I would recommend that you go big.

PROXIMITY - You don’t want to strain your eyes trying to see a small image on a distant wall. Then again, being really close to a very large print may not be as impactful as desired.

Bathrooms/hallways/small spaces: In my option hanging a small sized image will allow the viewer to experience the full impact of the image.

Tall rooms/Large stairways/Open spaces - Displaying a Large image in such spaces can capture the viewer's attention and create a dramatic experience.

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